city and the fireballs

Acrylic on canvas, 15 ³/₄ x 15 ³/₄ (40cm x 40cm)



When the flee started from Syria to Anatolia, when the cities destroyed, when the important artworks and ancient ruins demolished, when people suffered in many layers through a violently forced migration, most of my artworks turned into a grief material. Requiems of lost lives, hopes, memories.

This naïve painting started as an architectural complaint for city of Aleppo, then turned into a chaotic requiem for losses and hopes.

I started this painting around 2012, but couldn’t continue, couldn’t finish. Because I had no idea what I want to do as a completed work. I was adding a few touches time to time, year to year, hoping to finalize it with a bright ending. Through the long time it became an organic work and I realized it is a chaos including hopes besides the loss.