Mediation [2+n]

‘Mediation: [2+n]’ 

is an interactive installation that creates a space for visitors to interact and share stories towards the city and/or urban/architectural spaces. The project offers an interactive screen with simple video making equipment (headphone, microphone and camera). People will be able to share their experiences over a city. To write/re-write and experience within a video work and story within to create an in-visible city. The main idea behind the design is to use the digital space to interact spatial experiences in a novel way. In ‘Invisible Cities’, Calvino’s storyteller Marco Polo was creating a space and an alternative experience for the audience/readers and letting them to experience the city within their inner eyes. Apart from the reader, this act of storytelling creates 3 different cities: the city itself in its existing form, the city that the storyteller experienced and the city that the [unknown number of]audience has imagined inside the mind.

*the project is created and exhibited online for 'Eyes of the City' section of Shenzen Urban Biennale 2019.