*headphones required for a better experience*

sound-art work (2019)
exhibited in Lincoln, NEBRASKA, USA
@ Play on P Street, Lincoln Center

In collaboration with Eren Dönmez (sound design)

P’34 suggests a live aural experience where the only visual element is P Street. The work is an individual and an aural cinematic experience as [P Street revisited].
P street in Lincoln and Istiklal Street in Taksim, Istanbul touches each other through an aural space. The work is inspired by 4’33 piece of John Cage and it takes a step further by superposing sounds from two cities.
The work creates a digital space to connect two countries over time and space; beyond boundaries, and cultures. P’34 is an invitation to a meditative state of the harmony in everyday street noises.

This work is a cinematic experience where the only image is the street you are walking in superposed image of your own imagination for the streets where the sounds are from.

Briefly, the formula of the title is as follows:
P’34 = P (street) meets 34* (Istanbul) -> [P Street revisited]

*34 is the identical license plate number of Istanbul