unrealized artworks

Unrealized Artworks – with failures and unpursued raw ideas


Video performance, 11'

2020 June

[Exhibited on Women Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA, 2020. The exhibtion can be visited virtually through the link below]


The artworks of an artist are almost like giving birth to an idea. Starts naked and raw then becomes a mature or naïve artwork. For me as an artist my unrealized artworks, my raw ideas and failures are almost like a loss of a baby. By time I forget, I move on from all unrealized artworks and so I do not feel pain normally.

Now standing in front of my packed boxes to leave the city I’ve been living, as a reverse migration. I had to check all of my notebooks and I had to choose which one to keep. Leaving the city, I immigrated 20 years ago and now going back to my hometown where I don’t feel I belong, became a sorrowful experience like an unwanted divorce from my artistic dreams. The journey in between the sheets and sketches through times and dreams became a mourning.

So, I decided to honor my unrealized artworks and failures.

The video also honors the sincere work of Lisa Steele’s ‘Birthday Suit – with scars and defects’, 1974.